Show your support for the electric film, "Show Me The Picture: The Story Of Jim Marshall" directed by Aflred George Bailey, by wearing the hoody that dares to ask the question, "I’m Jim Marshall Mother@#%&er, Who the F&%# are You?”  The film, “Show Me the Picture: The Story of Jim Marshall is, before anything else, a celebration of Marshall’s indelible images of the rock gods and goddesses who changed the world.  Marshall, who spent most of his life in San Francisco, was as raw and vérité an artist as Robert Frank or Larry Clark, but his photographs have a rock-dream quality. When you stare at his black-and-white images, which are classics of the era but unlike anyone else’s (you feel you’re right up there on stage with the Rolling Stones, or lounging on a couch with Jimi or Janis, or staring into Jim Morrison’s eye