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Breathe, Eat, Sleep, Dream, Wear Music

The work of noted photographer, Jim Marshall breathes and bleeds, as it pumps life into rolls of film, photos, books, exhibits and as highlighted here at Jim Marshall Clothing, clothing and accessories.  Jim Marshall Clothing, is boldly more than a clothing brand, we are a lifestyle. 


Jim Marshall was as much of a photographer as he was a historian.  He was the storyteller, the archivist, the chronicler and the historiographer of our many communities, our tribes and of our musical revolutions.  Even in death, his passion will  "Not Fade Away"  and continues to stimulate our current culture. 


Today's world plays homage to Jim's iconic legendary style, with retro concerts, monochrome films, and music related photo exhibitions.  His keen eye, great timing and intimate photo styling, captures people, their secrets and whispers, the places, the beat, the music and the social unrest of diverse episodes of our history. 


It is our goal to take you on expeditions of the strange, pilgrimages of the truth and tours of documented treasures through Jim's magical focused lens as we transform his visions into wearable and collectible art.  We are a brand for the uninhibited, people that have passion for real artists, music and life.  


During his stunning career, Jim Marshall has created hundreds of legendary magazine features, album covers, and books, including Chronicle Book's,  Jim Marshall : Show Me the Picture : Images and Stories from a Photography Legend.  In the book and its related documentary, Show Me The Picture: The Story of Jim Marshall directed by Alfred George Bailey, Amelia Davis (assistant to Jim Marshall for more than 10 years and the executor of his estate), celebrates the work and life of Jim Marshall (1936–2010) with personal anecdotes, dark humor and knife sharp wit. 

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