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2020 You Cruel Beast

Samuel Lightnin' Hopkins. Fell into obscurity and then was rediscovered, then fell into obscurity and was rediscovered. How does one discover a human? Is it akin to discovering a brand new country, that is already inhabited?

I reached out to someone rather late at night as is not customary of my character but we are in unprecedented times. Startled by my late call, the voice on the opposite line asked in a puzzled tone are you in trouble? I replied no but trouble is in me.

You don't find the blues, the blues find you. Whenever the beginning of 2020 was getting to me I would take a deep drive into Jim Marshall's memories, his photos would instantly transform me into a different time and a different era. They offered not escape but instructions and a means to cope in our current day. My hope is that you can call up on Jim Marshall Clothing to be a friend, the voice on the other end of the line to comfort you, exactly like an photograph should.

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